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Business Support Services

GCCS is a planning, environmental and development consulting business and is qualified to provide professional city/county planning and land use services to critically evaluate, process, and manage land use permits and entitlements as requested.  GCCS’s assignments or projects can be characterized in four primary areas of services.

Private Clientele/Property Owners

GCCS’s primary clientele is the development community (i.e., housing builders, developers, and property owners) requiring land use services to obtain approval of projects by local governments and permits to construct or use of property.  GCCS will perform certain professional planning and land use services as needed or requested that may consist of the following:

  • Critically analyze land use entitlements and permits issued by public agencies.
  • Conduct site investigations as requested or directed.
  • Manage a project's technical consultant work as directed, including studies to be submitted prior to and concurrent with, discretionary and/or entitlement applications.
  • Coordinate the preparation of discretionary and/or entitlement application materials and submittal of such materials to a governmental agency for processing.
  • Manage a project’s discretionary and/or entitlement process.
  • Provide advocacy for a project as necessary.
  • Negotiate with the appropriate representatives and/or governmental agency changes to project submittals as directed.
  • Attend project meetings.
  • Coordinate and/or conduct presentations before the appropriate committee, commission, board and/or city council, as requested.
  • Oversee the preparation and the issuance of building permits, business licenses, and other agency approvals as requested.

GCCS can also provide other development related services such as architectural and engineering services.  When such requests for services are necessary, GCCS will request proposals from qualified professionals and an engagement letter is entered into outlining the work to be completed, the relationship to GCCS as an independent contract, and other terms and conditions related to the work and assignments. 

Interim Local Government Support Staff

GCCS is also qualified to serve as interim support staff to public agencies on a temporary and/or limited period.

Public Contract or Assignments

With GCCS’s experience in local government, public agencies have requested proposals to prepare technical reports, studies, policies, procedures, and other similar assignments. 

Expert Land Use Mediation/Testimony Services

GCCS has extensive experience in analyzing land use regulations, project advocacy, property negotiations, and entitlement processing.  GCCS is also proficient at developing, identifying and solving problems, for clientele involved in legal action with a public agency or other developer or private party/property owner.


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